We want war with Russia

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RFK, Jr. schools pro-war Sean Hannity, (link below).

Woke Democrats now march in BLM rallies with Mitt Romney! They vote for the same candidates as Dick Cheney! They argue the same side as Sean Hannity!

How far down the rabbit hole can it go???

Well, let’s see.

Every child in the nation (save anti-woke Florida and South Dakota) was just forced to wear an anti-science, traumatizing, anti-oxygen, mask all day at school for a year, for no scientific reason whatsoever. (even in ‘science’ class!) This was a dictate from adults at the ‘highest’ levels of Big Gov’s halls of coordinated-corruption. The fear and stupidity and the lack of basic understanding of science and health from ADULTS at the state and county level was/continues to be astounding. This child abuse was done by adults, not ‘covid’.

I will never forget going to Neahkahnie H.S. to pick up my daughter and seeing dozens and dozens of children outside, masked, standing six-feet apart, not talking, looking sad, and staring at their phones. It’s very easy for me to remind myself of what the hysterical Covidians did to the children. It’s very easy for me to see why they now support war with Russia.

And it is shameful and looking to be unforgivable as there is no repentance in sight, and I’m waiting and waiting for Nuremberg 2.0 and for everyone who supported doing this to our children to serve time in jail for child abuse.

That’s my view, 100%. If you supported masking children at school, you should serve time in jail for child abuse. (Hate mail can be sent to the email address attached).

If you support war with Russia you should go to jail for murder. Yeah, I believe that, too.

If you injected your child with brand-new experimental mRNA-technology from the Silicon Valley Big Tech bros., again for no scientific reason whatsoever, because the ‘vax’ was NEVER meant to do a damn thing about ‘covid’, and the crooks themselves, AT THE VERY BEGINNING, said the brand new ‘vax’ or whatever it was they made that you fearfully and dutifully injected into your child’s veins, even they said it would do NOTHING to stop the spread of ‘covid’. But most parents got scared and out of control and shot that junk into their child’s veins anyway. I see that as child abuse by any definition. You’re supposed to protect your child from tyrants, not do their bidding.

Yeah, so after watching our children be institutionally abused for a year, a war-on-children spearheaded by the woke, and still, today, watching the suicides and drug addiction from that year of hell we gave our children, it comes as absolutely no surprise whatsoever to see traditional anti-war democrats turn into vicious war mongers, a war they’ve only just started; I could always feel the hate at the end of that rainbow of authoritarian narcissism.

Every non-woke person knows those rainbow signs claiming “Everyone is Welcome” are total B.S.

Got room for homophobic Russians at your woke table? Or would you prefer them dead? Biden and The American War Machine think you prefer them dead. Bombs away!!!!!

RFK, Jr., anti-war. A small, sliver of hope for humanity: