Let’s try this in a small town.

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Let’s try this in a small town/county, meeting once a week for a civil discussion. There will be a zoom meeting every Friday at 9AM for “reds”, “blues”, and “in-betweens”. So far, we’re limited to us 5 “blues” and we really would like some “reds” and “in-betweens”. “Blues” sometime stereotype “others” as stupid and evil. Not the right thing to do, but hard to stop unless “others” step up and represent themselves. Simple ground rules, 1. Everybody brings their best manners. 2. Nobody talks for more than 4 minutes at a stretch. 3. Nobody comes to win an argument or change somebody’s mind. 4. Listening is as important as speaking. I’d like to say this was all my idea, but I was inspired by option 5 of the Braver Angels “Rise for America” program. braverangels.org/rise/ Here’s the link for zoom meeting. If anybody is interested in different time/day contact Jim Heffernan at codger817@gmail.com
Invite Link us06web.zoom.us/j/82147366055?pwd=VTU1UWVzYnUxOC8zWE1qRUkxRUJhUT09