WTC #7

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My friend’s daughter woke me up, saying ‘they are flying planes into the world trade center, you should wake up.’

I walked into the TV room, saw the towers burning, towers I had gone into as a kid, and said to her, ‘Bush did it.’

Once you learn how the billionaire war pigs operate, whether it’s Lyin’ Biden, Slick Willy, Barry Obama, Dubya or Dick, it’s easy to recognize their murderous operandi.

I watched mainstream news shows ALL DAY LONG that day.

Around 5:30 pm, Dan Rather looked perplexed, and said ‘We’re now going to cut to Building 7, which has a fire on the 37th floor…’

He continued to look perplexed as I watched, over Dan’s shoulder, WTC Building 7, with a SMALL fire on the 37th floor, blow-up and collapse into it own footprint on LIVE TV. And guess what? Ever since then I ask folks how many buildings fell on 9/11, and 99% of them answer ‘two’.

Think about that. A 57-foot tall steel building in mid-town Man-fukn-hatten blew up on live tv at 530 pm on a Monday and nobody remembers!!!!!

No wonder the same billionaire crowd then had the hubris to engineer and release a virus (a dirty Chinese person ate a bat!), then shutdown the global economy (save the farma/tech bros. who made BILLIONS) and then made a trillion more dollars off a ‘vax’ that did NOTHING to stop the flu-like illness whatsoever.

And when you don’t take the time to figure out things like the murder of JFK and RFK and the mass-murder that was 9/11, you get Covid1984. And you also will be getting whatever they cook up next, because they know enough of you will never take the time to figure out their war-pig tricks..

Covid1984 is far more disturbing and has had/is having a much greater, much more murderous reach for the fascists than 9/11 ever did, when the Bush Crime Family flew planes into then blew up the WTC towers.

I have also watched the intel agencies scrub footage of the demolition of WTC building 7 off the internet (try and find it, used to be everywhere), so I put a shot of the demolition in my anti-war film (dvds) Targeting Iran.

Andy Morris