Transforming Marine Debris – Act Now!

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Marine debris is an issue of concern for every coastal community in the world – and the Oregon Coast is no exception. Every day, we see litter in our most treasured places.

Heart of Cartm offers a weekend retreat full of science, art and inspiration for folks who care about our coastlines and want to take action.

Reserve a seat for the weekend – July 14-16, 2023 – or buy a ticket for just the Friday, July 14th evening session, where retreat leaders will introduce themselves and their work. Don’t hesitate! There are only 15 seats for this special event. Work trades are needed.
Visit or call 503-664-0446.

Meet the Leaders:
Steve Fisher is a freelance investigative reporter based in Mexico City, who focuses on the Mexican criminal justice system, human rights and the environment. Steve will travel to Heart of Cartm to share his expertise on creating a well-researched and compelling story to fight injustices.

Addie Boswell is an artist and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She will work with retreat participants to transform marine debris (beach-gleaned microplastics, wood and metal scrap) into beautiful, take-home art pieces.

Jesse Jones, a lifelong Oregonian and the CoastWatch Program Manager based in Astoria, will introduce participants to citizen science and lead an official Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project (MDMAP) on Manhattan Beach in Rockaway, Oregon.

Wendy Jackson, a local psychotherapist, will present simple methods to relieve the anxiety and stress that often accompanies working for environmental justice.

Here is a short, but stunning video about marine debris clean up on a huge scale. Boyan reminds us not to give up no matter how ineffectual you might feel in the moment. We are all in this together ❤
Boyan Slat Reflects on What It Takes to Rid the Ocean of Plastic