Financial Wellness Class for Women and Abundance Retreat

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73% of Americans say money is their number one source of stress. I teach women how to get healthy with money by using the Mindful Money Method, a new way to think about money and your ability to earn & manage it. The Mindful Money Method is a holistic approach to math + mindset + soul-driven desires.

Women learn how to:
✨ Create a debt payoff strategy you love and will follow. Living debt-free, fully in the present with your money feels amazing.

✨ Determine what safe feels like for you and build your safety net allowing you to take risks and catches you when in an emergency situation or the economy changes.

✨ Establish your personal financial independence number where you are free to make work optional. Many students set this number as their financial journey destination.

✨ Improve your relationship with money and others (partners, parents, children, friends & employers) by establishing clear financial goals and boundaries. You’ll feel more love, less worry.

✨ Uncover and rewrite your money story. When you shift your money experience from unconscious to intentional your whole experience of money becomes richer.

✨ Build legacy wealth. Wealth that outlives you and does good for others.

Students of the Mindful Money Method set themselves up by improving their relationship with money and themselves!

Ready for a financial awakening?

The 9-week LIVE group class is taught by Liz Carroll, certified Financial Life Coach, via Zoom on Wednesdays from July 5 – August 30th at either 2 PM or 5 PM PT. The course is $457; however, Tillamook county residents can use coupon code LOCALS for a 40% discount making the life changing class $275 ($30/session).

I’ll be hosting a six-hour Abundance Retreat (coaching workshop, yoga, lunch and ritual) for Mindful Money Method students on Sunday, August 20th from 10 AM to 4 PM at NCRD. The retreat is $97.

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