Caring for Travelers in your hood and mine

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Can We please talk about and Recognize that Tis the
Season for travelers! It’s warm and time to Migrate. In my Blood Line I am a Traveler! However as with Life there are soo many different aspects! Some do it on there own/ Some have know Choice/ and Some are Not being properly cared for by the massive amount of Moneys we pay local and Federal taxs to! Our local community of Public Servants seem to have there hands Tied! I shall share a tiny bit of Why I Bring this thought up for ALL To think about! Imagine your Child is out of there mind! They Should be on meds. But do to the Law they can “Politely” Decline” They have know where to go / know safe place to Lay there head.And a Wiley Coyote appears! And pumps them full of drugs for there own gain! And then THEY Just pass her around! Until she is So out of sorts they start to BLAME her for What THEY have done! She was fragile to begin with and they Knew that. They prey upon the Weak. Alright I’m done with this Shameful story of Humanity! My ?? Is What about the Next Mariah? Im Stepping up and have a couple others as well/ perhaps this can just be a Note out to the SLIME That do such things to a Fragile human. Shame on You! And Don’t Bloody do it again.
Next time will be so much worse then a Simple post!