I don’t understand what’s happening….

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I am submitting a link to a film that is very helpful in understanding the very strange things that are present in our society today. I have been puzzled by things like allowing riots in the cities, without any real arrests, the destruction of private property – the destruction of statues depicting our past founders – all this was allowed to go on. The riots were the introduction to this “new reality”. Some things seem unconstitutional and probablely are, one example -the current president saying that parents that protest or question their school boards are “terrorists” This is ludicrous. All the transgender things, in schools and elsewhere practically shoved in peoples faces, Letting people rob 999.99 worth of stuff before it becomes a crime. Not prosecuting criminals – letting violent criminals out of prison, a wide open border, etc. A lot of the time I just don’t get it – it makes no sense to me. It is insane really. California offering billions of dollars to descendants of persons who may have been slaves. And of course California is broke and doesn’t have the money anyway. It is nuts. It is truly nuts – So what is happening? What is causing this? This 3 hour film will help you understand. It has a lot of history in it and it is very interesting. So if you want to get a good look at WHY – This will help a lot to explain. Of course it is very long but we do watch movies on TV don’t we? And you can watch this in segments……many ways to deal with the length of it. I found it very helpful. plandemicseries.com/watch-the-great-awakening-movie/