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At the June council meeting next Wednesday June 7 our counselors will vote yay or nay to enter phase 2 construction of the new city hall. I personally hope it is a firm NO. A town of 620 residents does not need to spend 6.5 million, plus interest and land costs on a city hall. The city could have bought a plush million dollar house for city staff to use years ago. And some of us are disappointed that the mold first discovered in 2017 was not cleaned up at the time saving us from this current costly situation. Such negligence is disgusting. Next, why is our mayor and city manager at war? (Just watch the facial expressions of our CM in the 2023 recorded council sessions and workshops) Also, why is a counselor who has been involved for 20 years constantly shutting up newly elected Mayor Deb Simmons? What exactly is getting in the way of the mayor, councilors, and city manager working together? It is time to move away from the group think tank of old which brought us STR’s, poor zoning, unbelievably low System Development Charges and greedy building everywhere. How about Council introducing some term limits, please? And whoever is sending hate mail, STOP IT!!
The current city manager told me when she was first hired that we would get a NEW city hall because SHE did not believe in rebuilding (had been there done that). She also mentioned that probably no one would be happy with the new city hall because it would be so compromised. Okay, folks, I don’t want a 6.5 million compromised city hall complex sitting down at Underhill paid for by STR’s. Councilors, it is time to put the old thinking away,
climb out of the old group think tank, rock the boat, and show some fiscal responsibility. Maybe you could follow the repeated suggestions of Mayor Deb Simmons and look at various grants available, as well as other revenue sources. Last week while pouring through the enormous public records request made by Deb Tinnin (not the mayor) I saw two e-mails from Brian Knight of WRK Engineers, Inc. suggesting that the city apply for grants to upgrade the current police station, right in the heart of town.
THINK, PLEASE!! Vote “NO” for phase 2 and “NO” for the loan. See you live at the Pine Grove 6 pm Wednesday or on Zoom Meeting: