Ready for the cyber attack?

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Being prepared for major disruptive events is always smart.

We think tsunami and wildfire here.

What about war? One nuke over America from Vlad and the grid goes down.

A year’s worth of EVERYTHING you need is elemental if you expect to survive such a scenario. Clean water access, food, medicine, warm clothes, wood stove, gun for self-defense (wild animals will be killed off quickly, don’t count on hunting, and as anyone who forages for wild edibles can tell you, their ain’t enough veggies in our woods to keep you alive.), and ammo (again, self-defense).

In my view, the most likely major emergency scenario that we will face next is failure of the power grid. This will be done by the transhumanists (the new name for the Sillicon Valley tech bros that think they will merge with computers and live forever), but it will be blamed on…drum roll please…Russia.

Henry Kissinger just turned 100. Klaus Schwab is Henry’s greatest protege. The reach of his World Economic Forum is significant. The worst of the worst of the ‘covid’ fascists are members of Klaus’s (Kissinger’s) Young Global Leaders program: Jucinda Williams of New Zealand, Justin Trudeau of Canada, Jay Inslee of Washington state, Gavin Newsom of California. In fact, Klaus brags that he has infiltrated about 70% of Canada’s cabinet. No wonder Canada has gone full commie!

Klaus also ‘predicted’ ‘zee covid crisis’ one year before it happened.

Now Klaus is warning us about a ‘major zyber attack’ that ‘will knock out zee power grid’.

And you best believe him, because it will be him and his global elite pals that will be crashing the grid (mostly to take down and then bring back the internet in a way they solidifies their control over us, like the elites always do, 24/7/365).

How this benefits them is a much wider discussion.

I am only writing this post so you get prepared. I have a heart an I don’t want to watch you starve.

Because while I am prepared, I am not sharing with you.