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HB 2002 is about keeping secret from parents, treatments for addiction and gender care, abortion and any other “health care” given to their children in school, by changing the age of parental consent. The age of needing parental consent for “treatments” is lowered from 15 to any – that is ANY, meaning K to 15years. Parents shall not be notified unless……SAYS THIS BILL –

My kids, who are now approaching retirement, had sex education, and info regarding access to birth control and abortion when they were in the public school system in this state. This bill does not change that.
I feel that this bill is mostly about “gender care” since that is presently the most “in your face” topic in the news today. CHANGE YOUR GENDER!

In this instance your first grade daughter could be given testosterone treatments if a teacher suggested to her that she might want to be a boy, and you as a parent will know nothing about it. And if you do know – you couldn’t do anything anyway. You couldn’t stop it, because of this bill.

There is now a whole system of gender change
professionals making bucks in this field. Big Pharma included.
I am writing this because this happened to my out of state granddaughter when she was in school. Now that she is no longer in school she says she just wants to be herself – she is no longer interested in taking testosterone. But unfortunately this is not reversible. It is definitely a possibility that this could/will happen to your school age child. I am very very angry about this, thats why I am writing.

So this bill which is talked about as being about abortion is not really that. Abortion is written into the Oregon constitution and cannot be changed except by a vote put before the citizens of Oregon. Most abortions in this state are given to age 20 adults. I checked the data. None in Oregon for 15 year olds or younger.
This bill is about removing parental consent regarding their childs reproductive rights and other care needs, so that the child damagers can do what makes money for them.

The Republicans did not “walk out”, they are still in the legislature working on future legislation.
The Democrats are not going after them because of a bill that you all passed which says an absence of 10 days or more stops the legislator from running for office. And as you can see the Republicans are absent from voting, because they believe in parental rights. The Democrats do not want people who stand up for children to hold office. I am an independent and do not belong to any party. But I am totally disgusted by the greedy and immoral Democrats that run this state.

Did you know that 34 states have no laws regarding parental rights. This is because these states in their constitutions regard parental rights as FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. That means that it would take a powerful reason, powerful arguments to change this right in a state’s supreme court. Paental rights ARE fundamental rights. This particular legislation does not exist because parents in Oregon wanted it. It exists because outside lobbyists incentivized our top leaders to pass it.
Ask the Democrats in your state legislature – Why would they vote for this bill. ASK THEM!