Seeking Yoga Therapy Clients

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Hello community,

I’m in the final stretch of completing an MS in Yoga Therapy! As a senior in MUIH’s Yoga Therapy program I am seeking clients as a part of my clinical training to complete my graduation requirements. For my final trimester, we have one weekend of telehealth. As MUIH is located in Maryland, most of my clients are also located on the east coast so I’m excited to be able to schedule sessions with my community! Initial Yoga Therapy sessions include an extensive intake including past medical history as well as musculoskeletal and breath assessments, customized and evidence based yoga therapy tools, and a home plan of care. Sessions are supervised by experienced and certified yoga therapists. Yoga therapy is for everyone and no prior yoga experience is needed. If interested to see how yoga therapy can support your health and well-being, please email me at

Available session dates and times:

Friday, June 23rd at 6 am and 11 am
Saturday, June 24th at 8 am
Sunday, June 25th at 6 am and 11 am