Walk your Talk

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A healthy community needs leaders strong enough to take a stand. Each member of our council was elected for their knowledge, strengths and the unique skills they have to better our community. Strong leaders, problem solvers, do not use rules of Follow the Leader to decide what is best for the citizens…they listen to their constituents, ask questions, research alternatives, ask more questions, listen again, before decisions are made. No matter who is leading the charge, regardless of what their fellow councilors think, each individual council member has made a commitment to the people. Expectedly, to do the best job they can, make their decisions with thought and honesty….”There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship” (R.Nadar)
I would like to commend Deb Simmons, Mayor of Manzanita, for exemplifying the role of city councilor. She is intelligent, respectful, a problem solver , strong in her beliefs, caring and a great listener. She saw a need, ran for office and has been a force to be reckoned with from day one. Her passion for citizen involvement is certain…she listens, researches, collaborates, and listens again. Mayor Simmons most definitely walks her talk.
Deb has been unjustly attacked, again and again, by the same group of unhappy campers, and she just moves on! She has too much too do in her Mayor job to be detoured by naysayers…my biggest kudos for her strength here.
Deb is 100% committed to the healthy growth of Manzanita and its citizens. I look forward to the day when the negative mudslinging stops, and we can all work together for a common goal…our city!
“Democracy belongs to those who exercise it” (B.Moyers)
Thank you all for your volunteer service,
Donna Miller
869 Knobcone st.