Looking for TH!RD ACTORS or 350.org followers

Submitted By: edith@nehalemtel.net – Click to email about this post
I am hoping to connect with any and all community folks who are following TH!RD ACT and/or 350.org. or other similar organizations, perhaps. No need to limit my sphere of inquiry. I am a member of TH!RD ACT and TH!RD ACT OREGON and 350.org, and a follower of TH!RD ACT JUNEAU. (Not sure that is relevant.) I feel as if there must be others nearby. Phone, text, or email–503-809-1312, edith@nehalemtel.net.

Although, I’m inclined toward not answering the phone if I do not recognize the number. If you leave a message, I’ll call you back. Thank you.