Detox from ‘covid’ shots?

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President of Moderna (formerly called Mode RNA):
“Yes, there has been an increase in myocarditis for those who have taken the shots”.
The guy in this video is the CEO (not president) and he is now a billionaire thanks to Trump’s and Biden’s trillion-dollar Big Pharma ‘covid’ scam. (Trump started the mandates, the shutdowns, and the vaccine production.) But making a billion-dollars off our suffering wasn’t enough compensation for this criminal, he made an additional 400-million dollars last year.
He got a billion of our taxpayer dollars for a vaccine that did nothing to stop the spread or reduce hospitalizations. Our money paid for the ‘development’ of these mRNA shots as well.
And he got this money despite admitting on Fox Business News that the lab-engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus contained a DNA-sequence PATENTED by Moderna!!!!!
Oh no, this is NOT a conspiracy theory, though many wish it was…
From his own new-billionaire mouth:
at 07:30:

Yup, and an increase in myocarditis (and heart attacks and strokes for the elderly, though not mentioned in this hearing on myocarditis in teen boys) from the shots:

The director of the health district in Wheeler ‘died suddenly’ while working out the other day.
He was in great health before the shots.
Then he began having heart problems his doctor couldn’t figure out.
Then, as I said, he died suddenly at NCRD while working out the other day. Was it from the shots? I don’t know, this isn’t a science experiment. But I know where I would put my money.
Healthy folks dying “suddenly” is a known thing in England and much of Europe.
But, for example, since Anderson Cooper’s show gets 8 million of its 10 million dollars from Pfizer, VAERS stuff (The feds “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System”) doesn’t get any reporting. Don’t bite the Big Pharma hand that feeds you…
It’s safe and easy to pretend this new technology from Big Farma/Big Tech is just our polio vaccine or whatever. But if you put this junk in your body you might want to think about detoxing, though many think that isn’t possible.
Again, this isn’t science, but I know where I’d put my money.
Finally, we are all adults on this site. Since I started posting on BBQ after a ten year absence, I have received five pieces of insanely childish hate mail (I won’t out you cowards here) and someone called my boss, North Korea-style to complain I had become a ‘right-winger’.
I am the same true-liberal anti-war, anti-Big Pharma, organic, fierce environmentalist (wild animals way more desirable than humans, as I am clearly reminded after every time I post on BBQ), that I have always been.
What I see however, is most on the ‘left’ have abandoned classical liberalism and have embraced leftist fascism and totalitarian communism. The left has also become over-the-top intolerant, irrational, and childish. I can’t stress that last point enough.
BBQ is a community forum. If you disagree with something someone posts, the proper course of action, so it seems, is not to have a temper tantrum and then send hate mail to those you disagree with. If you have something to share, use your adult words and make your argument on the site, that’s how these community forums are supposed to work.
And unless you admire North Korea, you certainly don’t complain to the boss of someone who posts something you disagree with.
But if you must send hate mail, go ahead.
Your head might be thicker than my skin, but my skin is thick enough, I can take it.
In fact, I will confess, your hate mail has been quite fun…