Manzanita Lofts LUBA and ORCA

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The developer of the Manzanita Lofts project went to LUBA February 27th, 2023 (Land Use Board of Appeals) which was created to simplify the appeal process, speed resolution of land use disputes, and provide consistent interpretation of state and local land use laws. The Planning Commission of Manzanita denied his application for a development of a a 34-unit complex between Classic Street and Dorcas Lane. The future hotel is planned to be adjacent to the north-east end of the Manzanita Links golf course. This hotel would face the green of the golf course’s Signature Hole #5.

Below is information from ORCA(Oregon Coast Alliance) concerning the Manzanita Lofts Development. ORCA’s mission is to protect the Oregon coast by working with coastal residents for sustainable communities; protection and restoration of coastal and marine natural resources; providing education and advocacy on land use development; and adaptation to climate change.

“Manzanita is not obligated to approve this project on remand; it is free to strengthen its legal rationale and deny it again for failure to meet city standards. ORCA suggests this is a course of action the city can, and should, take. The developers have not changed anything about the project this second time, except having convinced the city to design the remand hearing around their interpretation of the LUBA opinion. That, of course, biases the remand structure from the outset, and ORCA does not commend the city for allowing it.
“ Manzanita needs to do further work to determine whether, how, and to what extent the current proposal meets the city’s density standards for residences, and traffic and transportation standards. As the applicant does not appear to have changed anything substantial in the application to deal with the city’s concerns, ORCA hopes and trusts Council will continue its far-sighted protection of a vibrant residential area of town, and deny the project again, this time with a more watertight legal rationale to support its findings.”

For anyone who has been engaged in this process please attend in person or by zoom the May 15th 4:00 PM meeting of the Planning Commission.

A group of concerned citizens of Manzanita.