Vote Candace!

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We are lucky to have four fine candidates for two open NCRD Director positions. I’ll be voting for Constance Shimek for Director Position #2.

I’ve known Constance for twenty years as a fellow learner, a client, a neighbor, and a friend. In our community, there are few people who bring so much energy and thoughtfulness as a volunteer to SO MANY efforts. I may not always agree with her but she has my confidence and respect.

Other supporters have written at length about her experience and efforts in the community and how they believe she’ll deal with NCRD’s challenges. In reading her own statements, here are a couple of items that really stood out for me:

1. About being a cancer survivor Constance wrote:

“I say welcome the diagnosis, we can only impact that which we are aware of.”

This kind of steely resolve can bring some dynamism to a board that’s had a few stumbles recently and will also be invaluable in hiring a new executive director who has the background, skill & courage to bring transformative change.

2. Constance made a specific point of talking about her hands-on participation in fundraising, not just for NCRD but for many other community causes. In fact, she seems to like doing it! This is reassuring to me when I think about the new pool project because we’re breaking ground without sufficient funds to finish. It will take a person like Constance, unafraid to make powerful requests, to succeed.

Please vote for Constance!