More Ukraine/Glenn Greenwald

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Glenn is gay, he lives with his husband and several of their rescue dogs in Brazil. Glenn is anti-war. He is for gay rights and fiercely supports the civil rights of individuals worldwide. He is a true liberal, and an environmentalist.

So when the ‘left’ goes after Glen for being anti-war, when they chastise him for being concerned about the tens of thousands of Ukrainian men being conscripted then murdered in Biden/NATO’s/Zelensky’s war, it must be because Glen is pro-Putin??

It’s called a psy-op. Without the work of the intel agencies that run the mainstream media, who on earth would think of Glenn Greenwald as ‘pro-Putin’?

Again, were we ‘pro-Saddam’ when we protested Bush/Cheney attacking Iraq for reasons fabricated by the same intel agencies trashing Glenn?