The arcade-token scandal and the race for NCRD director

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I wasn’t intending to chime in on this largely functionary position, but I can’t shake an email I received from Constance.

After I pointed out that she was flirting with a violation of election law, she emailed me.

She was very nice, and that makes me feel a little bad writing this. And she thanked me for pointing out the election violation potential.

But then she wrote, in reference to the NCRD requiring SARS-CoV-2 experimental gene-therapy shots from Mode RNA, Astrazenica, J and J or Pfizerv being required for those wishing to enjoy certain NCRD offerings, as ‘water under the bridge.”

I’m sorry, but it is not ‘water under the bridge’. Not in your wildest dreams lady.

The NCRD victimized me.

And everyone else who was smart enough not to shoot Big Pharma’s junk. And we talk about it.

But I won’t be a victim. We won’t be victims.

It is NOT water under the bridge, and I will NEVER use NCRD services or facilities again. EVER.

And because this is the second time Constance has been incredibly blind, I need to chime in.

First, if I were on the board at NCRD I would not want her as a co-board member. She will likely need to be watched over, to make sure the NCRD does not get sued. I am very serious.

She was ready to engage in a ‘pay for votes’ scheme, and she would have done so had I not pointed it out.

This is basic common knowledge: you can’t pay people to vote for you.

And you want her to direct the NCRD?

Get ready to be sued.

Second, as a filmmaker, I wouldn’t hire her as a producer.

She just doesn’t have what it takes. And that job has roughly the same skill-set required as directors of corporate entities.

Finally, I see her yellow signs all over town, we all do.

But that only shows that she can drive around town and ask her friends to put up signs, and that alone does not make one qualified to direct the NCRD. I hope everyone can see through the signs everywhere nonsense.

Alas, this race doesn’t concern me.

But her blind-spot email sure does.

Andy Norris