Why ME for NCRD

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Community, the Tillamook Pioneer has generously provided a venue for all Candidates running in our Special District to answer the same questions, here are mine. I encourage you to log into tillamookcountypioneer.net to learn about all of us.

Constance Shimek
1. Why are you running for this position? I enjoy the NCRD as a community participant. I was recruited to the Friends of NCRD fundraising board in 2008, our primary focus was replacing the pool. Over the years we expanded our efforts to support all programs and projects for the NCRD. I am very proud that up through 2021 we (Friends of NCRD) raised and distributed over $100,000.00 to the NCRD. After leaving the Friends of NCRD, I remained actively involved with the NCRD by attending almost every Board meeting from a commitment for the NCRD to be the best it can be. I am running for the NCRD Board of Directors as I see an opportunity to have the NCRD be even better than you know it currently to be. I believe my energy, community relationships and dedicated commitment to the NCRD’s future will be a refreshing asset to the Board.

2. If elected, what will be your priorities?
1) Enrolling the Board, Staff, and Employees into having all actions and interactions be guided by the NCRD Mission Statement. ‘To Promote the Educational, Recreational, Social and Physical well being for the entire North County community by offering activities for all ages and abilities in an inviting environment.”
2) Broaden decision making to include new ways of incorporating DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility)
3) Foster new ways of communicating and engaging with the Communities.

3. What particular experiences or skills have prepared you to serve?
a. 15+ years of active involvement and continued personal investment in making a positive difference with the NCRD. In a prior career I was one of
two Workers Compensation Administrators for the largest Employer in Oregon. We were acknowledged for creating and implementing the most
effective Return to Work Program in the State. I have created and managed a successful Health & Life Insurance career for 23 years. While on the Friends fundraising Board I held all positions and was elected President during my last two years.
b. I have the courage to bring to light that which needs to be examined.
c. Being a cancer survivor, I say ‘welcome the diagnosis, we can only impact that which we are aware of.’ Given we are dependent on the Operations
Tax Levy (coming up 11/23) I believe it is critical to keep an eye and ear out for how the NCRD is being received in the 3 Villages and beyond. I will welcome and encourage community comments and questions as opportunities for opening doors, engaged dialogue and resolution.

4. What issues do you believe the board needs to address? Please list 3 and your solutions/ideas
a. The current Executive Director has announced their term commitment to the NCRD is limited. Solution: Immediately begin the process of recruiting and hiring a permanent, long term Executive Director.
b. Some Community members feel the Board is not an inviting space to bring questions. Solution: Facilitate quarterly Town Halls
c. Potential members who work daytime hours do not have access to activities. Solution: Create additional Programs with a wider variety of Programs for Evenings and weekends. Expand weekend hours.

5. If you could make one improvement to the work this board does, what would it be? Hold monthly board workshops for discussing NCRD’s issues and processing solutions which may later be voted on at a Board meeting.

6. In your opinion, what attributes must a good board member have?
a. An unwavering commitment for having the NCRD be the best it can be
b. The courage to question the status quo and create newly
c. Energy to enliven others to stay on track and cause results

7. What is your vision for our community? My Vision is that the NCRD is known as a revered treasure and a Beacon of Light for each and every person in the North Tillamook County community and beyond. I would love to have a soft solar light installed in the Cupola, creating the experience of ‘home’ for the community and the center of belongingness.
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