Let’s discuss Bees, Birds and Bus at The Roastery in ROCKAWAY.

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If you saw my post about getting together to discuss bees, birds, and the bus and felt like Wheeler was a too far of a trek for you, you’re in luck. I will also be holding a discussion the following day at The Roastery in Rockaway.
My name is Mary Leverette and I am an avid birder. The birding year in Tillamook County is full of beautiful birds — some 450 species of birds have been sighted along our coastline — and we are fortunate to have great places to watch them! Some of my favorite winter visitors are Varied Thrushes and Chestnut-backed Chickadees. Both of these birds visit my feeder tray, starting usually in mid-October and stay until April. I love chatting about birds and would love to share my knowledge with any bird enthusiasts or curious observers.
I am also a novice bee keeper. In Spring 2022, I took a leap of faith and started keeping honey bees. This is something I have thought about doing for decades. I saw an advertisement on the outside bulletin board at the Tillamook Farm Store with a date for a ‘introduction to beekeeping’ group. I spent one Saturday morning at a class sponsored by the Tillamook Beekeepers Association (TBA) and came away hooked! Let’s learn together!
I am also a candidate for Tillamook County Transportation District in the upcoming election. I want to hear suggestions, concerns, wishes, anything you wish to offer. As an elected representative my job will be to carry your message and fulfill on the promise of the district that your tax dollars pay for. I am a firm believer in collaboration.
Like the bees, and the birds, and all of nature, we will come up with the most elegant solutions when we work together.
Please join me the Sunday, April 30th at 10am at the Roastery in Rockaway. I’ll just be hanging out for an hour having some coffee and hoping you’ll stop by for a chat.
The Roastery is at 165 S Miller Rockaway. Great coffee and delicious baked goods, plus just a great new addition to the community.
You can learn more about me at maryleverette.com