ERIN Has My Vote!

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Erin Laskey-Wilson has my vote for Position #2 on the North County Recreation Board.
Like Erin, I have lived pretty much my whole life in North Tillamook County-Manzanita-to be exact. Before I knew Erin, I knew her Mother Linda. Linda worked for me in the grocery business as a baker. I found Linda to be honest, kind, and a hard worker-just like the other Woodwards in our community.
Erin came along and as a child in our community worked in the community as she was growing up. Washing dishes, dishing ice cream, pouring coffee, and all the jobs available in our area. Erin is also honest, kind, and a hard worker, just like her mother.
Erin moved away to go to college and then decided to come back “home”.
Erin has had her children in the pre-school at NCRD and voluntered several years with the pre-school. Self employed as a real estate broker, Erin has worked on a path to better herself and her family. Erin has excelled with her family and her career. She’s not afraid to offer her opinion and listen to other opinions. She shows positive ambition with whatever she takes on. I believe this positive ambition and her ability to listen to different views will make her a good fit with the North County Recreation District as it grows and continues to help the youth in our community. Thank you for listening and please vote for Erin. Thanks, Patty Rinehart