Sand Spiral Labyrinth free community gathering for WORLD LABYRINTH DAY

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Dear BBQ Community –

Do you know difference between a labyrinth and a maze?

Mazes (like the autumn fun of a corn maze) are complex, branching, multicursal designs that aim to confuse and confound.

Labyrinths are unicursal designs with only one clear path to meander to the center and back again, that offer a contemplative practice to foster renewal and healing.

“A maze is designed to make you lose your way, while a labyrinth is designed to help you find your way” – L.Artress

The 15th Annual WORLD LABYRINTH DAY is coming soon, the first weekend in May.

Centerpoint Healing Arts is offering free community gatherings to walk a Sand Spiral Labyrinth and the first event for WORLD LABYRINTH DAY is happening:

Sunday May 7th
‘Sunrise’ at Neahkahnie Beach at the ‘Y’
7:30am ‘opening the gate’ Meditation
8am Labyrinth Walk or feel free to walk anytime before the tide sweeps it away.

Happy Spring – Za Connor – Centerpoint Healing Arts