Manzanita Transfer Station

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We are pleased to announce that our construction project at the Manzanita Transfer
Station has reached a critical point and is nearing completion.

Based on the work completed, we have opened the newly constructed Z-wall area for
use. Yard debris is now accepted in the new area.

We have reopened the contractor trash lane and expanded the area in which
contractors (and others with large loads, like trailers) can park to empty their loads. This
translates into additional space for the public to dispose of their smaller loads of

This current, new configuration is surely not the end, but rather a step in the right
direction. We appreciate your patience as we make additional modifications in the
upcoming weeks – all intended to better accommodate the traffic flow with incoming

We are again able to accept large quantities of rubble (clean fill, sand, concrete, bricks,
etc.). Please contact staff for directions.

We would like to thank the community for the patience shown during the past few
months of construction activities. Thanks to your cooperation and vigilance, there were
no events involving personal injuries during this construction project!

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact our office for
more information.

Thank you,

David McCall
Solid Waste Program Manager

Justin Weiss
Transfer Station Supervisor