An ‘uh oh’ in the NCRD race??

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Reading Candace’s BBQ post about her run for an NCRD position, it seems to me she violated election law. Offering arcade tokens for votes??
Here is one of the statutes that may apply:
260.665 Undue influence to affect registration, voting, candidacy, signing petitions; solicitation of money or other benefits
Since NCRD didn’t allow me to participate in any of their offerings because I didn’t put Pfizer’s or Mode RNA’s or Astrozenica’s or J and J’s new, experimental mRNA-technology into my body, I have zero interest in the NCRD election. I will never participate in an NCRD event again.
I also have zero interest in any of the local Health Center stuff. The Rinehart Clinic, which I had been going to on and off for years, would only see me in the parking lot, again because I didn’t shoot up said Big Tech junk. I said ‘no thanks’ and drove to Portland to see my naturopath. I will never go to the Rinehart Clinic (or it’s successor) again. I will drive to Portland and see my naturopath.
I understand that this NCRD race isn’t the U.S. Senate, and likely both candidates are more or less the same, and they are both likely very nice. But after watching Carl Rove steal the election for Bush/Cheney twice, and then watching Biden steal it last time around, my concerns are with election-integrity.
Anyway, someone should call Erin Laskey-Wilson and tell her she won. Unless there are additional candidates? Like I said I don’t really care.
Andy Norris