Thanks to BBQ and Handymen

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Phew, Spring weather is finally approaching and it’s time to express my gratitude to BBQ for helping me find some of the finest handymen in the county, and to the Handymen themselves:
To Tony Perez at Northwest Tree and Landscape, thank you for the courteous, efficient and affordable job you did on my 3 felled trees from the storm of 24 December. Your work was deftly engineered, your crew brave and safe and your prices were competitive. I am glad that the kind man on the phone was the person I met at my home and the professional who completed all work in record time, from arrival to departure. Thank you!

To Matt Campbell, Handyman and friend, you have become a great help to me. You have a long list of abilities offered on BBQ, but my favorites really made you shine.
Your willingness to clear the gutters while climbing a ladder in the pouring rain showed me that you were not deterred by the elements, or tall ladders.
You also admitted when you couldn’t fix something, showing me what needed to be done, how to do it, or who to call instead.
You brought more color and light to the walls of my home, and adjusted my bed to make it more comfortable for my old body. The stars truly aligned when you returned my call after the 3 trees fell in the December storm You couldn’t do anything with 40 foot trees, but the best luck I’ve had was finding you on the other end of the phone. Thank you!

To Ken Erickson, former logger extraordinaire, thank you for removing 2 large maple trees from my yard. I raised them from seeds and hated losing the last 2 of the 5 I had grown. However they kept my gutter full of leaves and offered so much shade too close to the house that the grass under the trees on this north face became moss. You carefully assessed the situation, and proceeded with great experience to cut them down without any damage to roof, gutters, fence or neighbor’s home. You are courteous, clean and clearly a perfectionist. You left the yard without tree debris, hauling away all cuttings.
I am truly impressed by this gentleman, hoping I can reach out to him again should I have the need of a very handy man. Thank you, Ken and Cindy

I would recommend any of these handymen to the community. I may be poorer in cash, but I am richer for knowing you all.