Mary Leverette for Tillamook County Transportation District

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Hello all,

Mary Leverette is running for the Tillamook County Transportation District. Having read her campaign letter, I thought it both intelligent and convincing and I have decided to vote for her. In case you missed it, I am including it at the end of my message.

I am impressed that Mary knows and understands both the future possibilities and the challenges that the Transportation District faces. I am impressed that she addresses in a very positive manner the success of the Transportation district and what she hopes to achieve for its future. I am impressed that she has taken the time to learn the needs of riders of The Wave, to understand what still could be enhanced and improved. Mary is ready to take the time and do the work to achieve an even better future for the Transportation District.

At the end of Ms. Leverette’s statement, you can read her credentials, which in my mind show capability to do the work she describes. I like that she describes herself as “organized, positive and practical.”

Please join me in voting for Mary Leverette in the upcoming May election.

om peace namaste

lucy brook
nehalem resident

Mary’s statement:
The Tillamook County Transportation District was formed in 1997. Its mission was, and is, to provide public transportation throughout the county and it has done an amazing job. It started with no funding, two borrowed buses and limited routes. Since then, over a million passengers have ridden The Wave throughout our county and into neighboring counties. Trips that were once impossible without a vehicle, like doctor visits, shopping, visiting family and friends and going to work or school are now taken every day, seven days a week, by Wave riders. This is a wonderful accomplishment and one that everyone in the county can rely on and be proud of. But, we can, and need to do more. 

I have chatted with riders of The Wave and I have learned that the ease of local public transport has yet to be achieved. Riders are limited by routes, infrequent buses, long waits for connections, complicated scheduling that may demand multiple days in advance to schedule, areas not served, and costs.

I see a future for our public transportation system in which every member of our community can travel seamlessly, at a moment’s notice, and at an affordable price. I see daily commuters to work and school who won’t have long wait times and can be home in time for dinner. I see solutions for tourists that may curb traffic congestion during peak season, and much more. However, achieving these goals means getting into the details of demand, connections, frequency of current ridership and making changes based on data.

I’m ready to sit down with riders to assess their wants and needs; then talk with service providers, government programs, grant providers, and others to learn the issues and develop solutions, find the funds, and make the goal of smooth, easy travel a reality for anyone in Tillamook County.

My name is Mary Leverette. I have had an almost 30-year career in government service, both for the State of Oregon and the City of Portland. I supervised both projects and staff. I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology and I am a dedicated volunteer. For the second year, I am organizing the Wheeler Clean-up Day; I write a column on birds for the Lower Nehalem Community Trust; and, most importantly, I was a Hospice Volunteer for 14-plus years. I am organized, positive and practical. I am retired and have the time, energy and experience to serve. I am seeking a position on the County Transportation District because I am committed to serving my community.

Please feel free to contact me at or 503.449.8445.
I look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you again for your support. I need all of the help I can get.

Kind Regards.