Letter: VOTE YES for the Nehalem Bay Health District Bond Measure

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Letter: VOTE YES for the Nehalem Bay Health District Bond Measure

I am asking you to take the long view and VOTE YES for the NBHD Bond Measure. Our North Tillamook County region has demonstrated the foresight and long view for health and safety needs of our residents, visitors and future generations. We have a robust Community Center where every young person can learn to swim, residents can take exercise classes and workout, and a state-of-the-art fire and rescue station including water rescue. Our existing healthcare facilities are woefully behind. This bond addresses our healthcare needs.

The NBHD campus is nearing its 75th anniversary. The campus is the largest employer in North Tillamook County and is striving to increase family wage jobs and improve the work environment. However, the Rinehart Hospital, originally built in 1953 and the clinic built in 1982 have out lived their usefulness for health services delivery. They are undersized to house modern equipment, and attract qualified professionals, and meet the needs of our growing community.

Over the next 40 years, Nehalem, Manzanita and Wheeler are projected to see the greatest population growth in Tillamook County. Plans are being laid for new workforce housing to meet existing and future employment demands of our business community. As these two factors converge the need for healthcare delivery increases.

Your YES VOTE will help provide:

– Construction of a modern, state-of-the-art Health Center and Pharmacy that will bring additional services to the community that currently do not exist – cardiology, dental, pediatrics, etc. This will directly improve health care delivery for seniors, families and kids.

– Renovation and modernization of the Nehalem Valley Care Center, the only skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility on the coast between Astoria and Newport. We live in a community with a growing senior population. With the closure of two assisted living facilities last year, the Care Center becomes the corner stone for senior care and rehabilitation in our region.

– Site preparation that can lead to a workforce housing development that will begin to address the housing needs of particularly health care and other essential workers. About 80 people are employed in health care in north county and many struggle to find decent, affordable housing.

-The existing clinic building can be repurposed for the food bank, offices, conference rooms, and emergency response needs. Nothing is wasted. The need for community support and emergency services is greater than the space available.

I truly believe your yes vote for the NBHD Bond Measure is a vote for a long-term investment in the community, and a new era of greater employment opportunities, better local health and senior care and a better future for our region.

Now is the time to begin. Please VOTE YES for advanced local healthcare and services.

Lloyd D. Lindley II
Volunteer NBHD Budget Committee
Landscape Architect, FASLA emeritus