North County Medical Providers Endorse Health District Bond Measure

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A growing group of retired or active medical care providers enthusiastically support the “Yes For Local Health Care” bond measure on the May 16th ballot. Each has first-hand knowledge of how important it is to have quality, robust, accessible health care services for seniors, families, and children, especially in a rural setting like our community.

The Health District bond will support construction of a modern, state-of-the-art Nehalem Bay Health Center and Pharmacy, renovate the region’s only skilled nursing facility – the Nehalem Valley Care Center – and do site preparation leading to workforce housing focused on supporting health care and essential workers.

Please join these medical care providers in voting YES on the Health District bond measure – your YES vote will make a huge difference for all in our community!
• Fred Kassab, retired MD
• Mary Gehling, RN
• Guy Gehling, retired MD
• Steven Gibson, retired MD
• Yvana Iovino, retired MD
• Margaret Steele, retired MD
• Adele Spegman, PhD retired RN
• Carolyn Smith, MA
• Paul Knight, retired RN
• Colleen Schwindt, RN
• Timothy Borman, DO
• Eli Andersen, ND
• Richard Silverman, R. Ph. Clinical Pharmacist
• Lynda Chick, RN

More and more north county residents support the Health District bond measure. Visit our website to see who is voting YES and check in, as well, on upcoming community events

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