Manzanita – Conversation with Councilors

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Manzanita City Council just announced a new event and we wanted to make sure you were the first to know!

Conversations with Councilors

Since January, the Council has been working on a thoughtful, wide-ranging communications plan with a multi-pronged approach to help you help us. The plan centers on:
• Education so the community understands what, how and why policy decisions are made.
• Listening to residents to gather ideas, thoughts and concerns that we can take into consideration when we are making policy.

We are eager to start substantive listening sessions and will kick it off with Conversation with Councilors. Starting in April we will have meetings focused on the City Hall project. In order to make sure everyone is heard, we are limiting each session to 15 participants. Let us know what you think! Sign up now, or up to 30 minutes ahead of time!

For more information:

To sign up:

Dates Available:
Tuesday April 4th
2:30pm – 4pm

Thursday April 6th
11am – 12:30pm

Tuesday April 11th
2:30pm – 4pm

Tuesday April 18th
2:30pm – 4pm

Thursday April 20th
11am – 12:30pm

Tuesday April 25th
2:30pm – 4pm

Thursday April 27th
11am – 12:30pm