Native American Flute in “A” in walnut

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Well regarded High Spirits Sparrow Hawk Native American flute, in the key of “A” pentatonic minor. It is easy to play and is ideal for first time flute players Flute sealed with non-toxic oils, which protect and amplify this flute’s clear, bright musical voice.

Made from domestic Walnut, which makes it ideal for outdoor use such as hiking and backpacking. The flute is tuned in the key of “A” minor and can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of “C”. This flute is 19 inches (48 cm) long.

This is a six-hole flute. The third hole from the top of the flute (known as the sixth hole) can be covered with a leather tie (included), which gives the player the option of using it as a six-hole or a fix-hole flute.

Comes with booklet, DVD, music and bag. Lessons available for extra. $95