Handy Person Wanted

Submitted By: pangaeagaia@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
~I am an elderly retiree and require help around the house with chores, especially outdoors. I cannot walk on uneven surfaces (moley lawn) and would like to make my yard easier to work in by: raking the winterfall, removing rocks from paths, cutting down 2 maple trees which drop most of the yard rakings before they leaf out (and haul the cuttings off), trim a few willow and other bushes, dig out and remove about 12 beach grass plants, and paint a skylight in the bathroom.
~If you are capable, I need a rotten portion of my porch railing replaced and painted.
~I have other jobs which can be discussed later.
~I have all tools, parts, wood and paints, but need you to have a method for hauling.
~I can pay around $25.00 per hour, depending upon the job. I would like the work done in a certain order, according to the weather and timeliness. I am a clean and orderly person and would like you to treat my home and property with that in mind.

I would like to meet with you if you can help. We may be able to form a routine relationship for monthly chores like mowing and trimming.

Thank you…emails only please for now