Make substantial difference in People’s Lives

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Feel really good for at least a MONTH, by donating to either one or more of the organizations listed below. And then once that month is over you can feel good about yourself-all over again-by donating the next month! All these organizations need cash, some need clothing for both adults and children. What can you do-$10/month, $25/month, or, just what can you do? And then there is the clothing. Please just go clean out your closets. Coats, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, pants, and tops, whatever you have will make a substantial difference in people’s lives and how they feel-besides staying warm. How about some clean blankets?
Please do what you can to help others in our community. The rewards are enormous!
Meals for Seniors, Inc.-cash PO Box 852 Rockaway Beach, Or. 97136
North County Food Bank-cash & clean clothing PO Box 162 Wheeler, Or. 97147
CHILD PROGRAM -cash & new children’s clothing & shoes PO Box 156 Nehalem, Or. 97131
Nehalem Senior Lunches-cash PO Box 156 Nehalem, Oregon 97131
Thanks very much and how are you feeling, Patty