Ecstatic Dance : Comet Beneficence

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Thursday March 2nd
at the White Clove Grange on HWY 53
5Rhytmns inspired playlist by Fae

Doors open at 6:00 PM for warmup/setup
6:30 PM – opening circle/dance set
8:00 PM – closing circle

$10 (or what you can)
*Kids dance free*
“Hello everyone,
You are invited to come dance and play with an abstract painting. This painting can be felt as a strong living presence.
The painting was created a month ago when planet Earth had a rare visitation of a beautiful comet, only coming close to Earth every 50,000 years. Perhaps you saw images of it. The unique comet energy was said to support a great shift on Earth, from old limited ways to new expansive hearted ways of living and being. Powerful blissful descending energies of the comet were channeled into this painting, bringing down the bright cosmic motions into embodiment.
Let us dance together with these happy energies, and participate in anchoring them further into our bodies and the Earth.” -Shaukya
‘Comet Beneficence’, by Shaukya Dekker. Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches, 2023
Dance Etiquette:
*Please limit talking on the dance floor. Setup and breakdown is a great time to catch up with people. Stepping into the foyer for conversations during dance would be appreciated.
*All ages and all bodies are welcome. We ask this to be a sober space.
*We are encouraging everyone to be mindful of each other’s safety and health and stay home if you are not feeling well, or have been exposed to someone sick. Follow your own judgment on whether to wear a mask or not.