5,800 kicker tax

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SB 990 would change state practice around what is colloquially called the “Kicker”. Meaning, that money that is returned to taxpayers if revenue collected exceeds 102% of what was budgeted. If you’ve been an Oregonian for awhile like me, you remember getting kicker checks during the good years. A number of years ago, the law was changed to make it so that, instead of receiving a kicker check, taxpayers would receive the money as a tax credit on the following year’s taxes. That might have been all fine and good when we were talking about $100 kicker checks, but now we’re talking about an average of $5,800 per person! That’s more than a full month’s salary for a lot of people in rural Oregon. The government shouldn’t be holding onto that money for a year for convenience. That money belongs to the taxpayers and it should be returned ASAP. Unfortunately, SB 990 hasn’t been scheduled for a hearing. I encourage you to contact Senator Mark Meek, the chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue in the Senate and ask him to schedule a public hearing and a work session ASAP.

Sen .MarkMeek@oregonlegislature.gov