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X4 Health is going to be given $121,000 by Tillamook County to aid in a “coordinated homeless response.” Who is X4 health? And what will they do? They ambigously work to bridge communications between “clinicians and patients,” mostly in repsonse to COVID-19 As always follow the money. . .
X4 Health www.communityrockit.org/contact
Morris Singer Foundation
Morris Singer takes in a lot of funding from various groups, universities, hospitals, the Global Development ($500,000) and the Health Initiative (500,000).
Does Tillamook County want international organizations involved in our homeless issues?
Contact your commissioners with questions or “written protest” within 7 days of today if you have concerns.

I think we may have to physically write the commissioners. Here is that information:

Tillamook County Courthouse 201 Laurel Avenue Tillamook, Oregon 97141
Attn: Tillamook County Commissioners Public Comment

Please write the commissioners in protest if you are concerned. If We the People of Tillamook County make a coordinated effort I can let you all know.
My personal feeling on this is that the county commissioners should hold a hearing on this matter before entering into a contract with anyone.

below is a document sent out by the county commissioners
Notice of Intent
to Award a Contract for the
Coordinated Homeless Response: