Welcoming back Mindfulness Meditation!

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Mindfulness has become almost a household word these days, but it comes from a 2,600yr. old tradition. It has endured and grown because it is a simple and useful tool for living skillfully in our increasingly complex world. Research in neuroscience is now showing proof that we can improve our quality of life and sense of well being using these tools.
As a long time practitioner and certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, I am delighted to offer a six week series of classes exploring the roots and useful tools of this ancient practice.
I welcome your calls or emails if you have questions or are interested in joining us for a six week series of classes on Mondays at 5:00p.m., beginning March 6th.
We’ll meet at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church in Nehalem to share the silence, explore the teachings and learn the techniques
of this time honored tradition.
Thanks for your interest,
Lark Miller 503-368-2627 bark@nehalemtel.net