Update on County-Wide Business License (formerly Ordinance #88)

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In December and January, we posted on the BBQ about the rural business license (formerly Ordinance 88), and folks have continued to reach out to us with more information and links. (Thank you!)

The latest? Ordinance #88 is gone and the workgroup to revise it is on “pause”. But in a press release from the BOCC, it seems the idea of a rural business license is still being considered.

The Board of County Commissioners Press Release is uploaded to our website: ruraltillamookbiz.wordpress.com/about/

In our latest blog post, we provide our thoughts in response to the press release: ruraltillamookbiz.wordpress.com/2023/02/12/bocc-press-release-rural-business-license-still-under-consideration/

We continue to update the website with the latest documents: ruraltillamookbiz.wordpress.com/about/

What’s next?
– If you have any information that would be helpful to citizens concerned about this issue, please reach out to: ruraltillamookbiz@gmail.com
– The EDC’s next public meeting is not published. At the January public meeting, they changed their regular meeting from Mondays at 8 am to another day/time. Watch for updates: www.edctc.com/edc-minutes
– The County Commissioner’s next public meeting is also not published: www.co.tillamook.or.us/meetings?field_microsite_tid=431
Check the website for the latest. Written public comments must be submitted 24 hours in advance.