Hiring Artists! Honorary Artists of Oregon Day

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In 2015 Highschool student Hayley Rollins passed House Bill 3042 to create an art holiday for the state of Oregon. On April 14th, the holiday is called Honorary Artists of Oregon Day, or Oregon art day for short. In the past Seaside High School in collaboration with the Cannon Beach Arts Association puts on an art day with 20 – 24 artists teaching a 90-minute workshop to a group of students.
CBAA is looking for artists or art instructors who would like to teach at Oregon Art Day. CBAA grees to pay the instructor $50/hour for onsite camp class hours teaching as an independent contractor and reimburse for material expenses. The instructor will present CBAA with art supply receipts to be reimbursed for supplies. The instructor is an independent contractor and is responsible for all tax liabilities.

Questions or for more information visit our website or email Summer Peterson: info@cannonbeacharts.org or call the Cannon Beach Gallery at 503-436-0744.

Apply: www.cannonbeacharts.org/oregonartday2023