Fabulous hair cuts!

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hi all,
i am writing to recommend someone who has great talent in cutting all kinds of hair.

i’ve been getting my hair cut by Pam Stevenson for about 10 years now. for the last 5 years perhaps she has changed her business from a set location to COMING TO YOUR HOUSE to cut your hair. how much more convenient can it get?

Pam is equally talented in cutting men and women’s hair, curly, straight, longer or shorter. my hair is wavy/curly, and i have friends with straight hair who also love Pam’s haircuts.

Pam charges the ridiculously low price of $20. honestly, you all, i pay her $30, because that’s still less than it would cost in a salon. and it’s worth every $ to know that i am going to like my hair cut! Pam will still tell you $20, and that’s fine with her too.

she could use more work, so i suggested i get the word out for her through BBQ. she was in agreement that i should write this and include her phone number.
503-801-6684. her range is north Tillamook county.

om peace namaste
lucy brook