Radical Wholeness Workshop Feb 3-4 Nehalem

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A 2-day workshop with Philip Shepherd, author of Radical Wholeness, New Self, New World and creator of The Embodied Present Process™M Move out of your head and into your life
Friday and Saturday
February 3 – 4, 2023
10am – 5pm
The gift of embodiment grounds your life in a deeper intelligence, opening you to a way of being that is simpler, subtler, less reactive and capable of profound clarity. But we’ve all been misdirected from that ease with ourselves by a culture that trains us to live in our heads.
St Catherine’s Episcopal Church
36335 N Hwy 101
Nehalem, OR 97131
Class size limited to 18
This internationally acclaimed workshop helps you gently recognize within yourself the learned patterns that disconnect you from your body, and shows you how to soften beyond them. By coming home to your body, you come home to your life with a renewed sense of possibility. And you will carry from the workshop a set of unique, effective practices and skills to serve you for a lifetime.
“This workshop invited us with open arms into an intimate experience of becoming deeply present within the world, welcoming with it an ever-deepening, visceral experience of wholeness that can be felt passing through the very core of your being.” – Claire, Ireland

To register or for information visit www.embodiedpresent.com

Questions? Contact Philip at hello@embodiedpresent.com