Community Dance Thursdays : Intro to CHAKRADANCE

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Thursday January 26th
Christy Kay of Cosmic Healing NW will be offering an Introduction to CHAKRADANCE session.

Doors will open and we start at 6:30
@ the White Clover Grange on HWY 53
$10 for the session.
This particular Chakradance is not suitable for kids under 16

We will start with an opening meditation, in circle. Then move into a short warm up to get the body moving, followed by a full dance through the 7 chakras with guided imagery. After the dance, you will be given paper and pastels to create a mandala, which will bring the connections you made to your inner world into your outer world, which you can take with you. We will then meet back in circle for a closing meditation.

Are you ready to dance in? Please join us!

CHAKRADANCE is a dance practice for body and soul. It’s a powerful experience that will free and energize you. It
combines spontaneous dance, guided imagery, and frequency specific music to promote that wonderful state of calm vitality known as “well-being”. The music is the key, as it resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras – the energy centers that integrate and regulate our physical, mental, and emotional energies. Many who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives for the better; others, simply that they enjoyed it hugely. It’s not about steps or performance; you dance with your eyes closed in a darkened room. It’s more like a dynamic, moving meditation. It’s completely about freedom of expression; there is no right way to CHAKRADANCE as everyone has his or her own rhythm and movement. With its roots in Jungian psychology.

CHAKRADANCE encourages people to dance for self-discovery and self-healing. It is is about reconnecting your inner world to your outer world. CHAKRADANCE is almost like entering into a waking dream. Specifically selected and composed music, and tailored visualizations help you tap into your inner world. You close your eyes and surrender to the music. From here the process involves letting the movements emerge spontaneously. As the music’s vibrations affect you, you may see images in your mind’s-eye, recall memories or gain insights related to each chakra. You may also feel emotions or physical sensations. Each of the seven chakras vibrates at its own frequency. Music is able to balance the chakras by using the sound vibrations to tune each energy center. The music is modern dance music with specific musical tones that resonate with the chakras. Interwoven with the music are the pure tones of crystal bowls sourced from across the globe, that release a vibrational sound field that is an essential ingredient of each dance.