Construction begins at MTS

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The Manzanita Transfer Station, located at 34995 Necarney City Rd, has been home to an open burn site, a landfill, and has operated as a municipal solid waste (MSW) transfer station and recycling facility since 1981, under DEQ Solid Waste Disposal Site Permit #342. The quantities of materials collected at this site have increased over the years, reflecting the increasing population and economic activities in the area. Planning activities initiated in 2017 were completed in 2022.

As the owner and operator of this site, we are pleased to announce that construction is scheduled to being on a significant expansion project during the week of January 9, 2023. This investment will result in additional Z-walls, creating capacity to serve the community’s needs in the upcoming years. Z-walls enable the efficient transfer of small loads into large containers, which are then compacted and shipped off for final management.

Efforts have been made to restrict construction activities to times and areas separated from public access, to the extent possible. This means that most of users of the transfer station will not experience any impact during construction. All recycling activities will continue as usual. Scrap metal and yard debris acceptance will continue as usual. Trash acceptance will continue, though periodic restrictions may limit access to the so-called trailer lanes on the west side of the fee station.

Our ability to accept large quantities of rubble (clean fill, sand, concrete, bricks, etc.) may be impacted during construction. Please contact staff before bringing any quantities of rubble greater than ¼ cubic yard to ensure we have the ability to accept your material.

Lastly, we are all excited about the improvements this construction project will bring, but it is important that the contractors are able to work without disturbances or intrusions. We request that everyone respect that, stay out of the designated construction area, and be aware of equipment coming and going on site.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact my office for more information.

Thank you,

David McCall
Solid Waste Program Manager