Financial Wellness Class for Women Starts January 10

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If you are a women that would like to improve your relationship with money, this financial wellness course is for you. Money can be emotional so we often avoid it or unintentionally repel it because we don’t feel worthy or responsible. Inaction creates a negative spiral.

The Mindful Money Method is a new way of thinking about money and your ability to manage it. It is a holistic approach utilizing math, mindset and soul. I love to think of it as yoga for your money.

During the 9-week LIVE class via Zoom we identify your true values and desires then create a Financial Freedom & Relief Plan to attain them.

We cover:
-How to create a spending plan you love and will follow.
-How to establish a safety net and where you should store it.
-How to sequence debt payoff.
-How to organize your financial life so you invest.
-How to communicate with others about money.
-How to uncover limiting money beliefs and shift them to more powerful thoughts.
-How to rewrite your money story for a much happier ending.
-How to create legacy wealth for greater community impact.

The course works whether you are getting out of debt or building wealth. When students shift from scarcity to abundance their results have been life changing.

Next LIVE class starts January 10 at 1 PM PT. Space is limited to 25. To register go to

I teach this process to women all over the world. I created the group option for greater accessibility. For LOCALS only, use coupon code TILLAMOOK for a 30% discount.

For a little snippet of what you can expect, I created the Tillamook County Wellness Program’s Financial Wellness content. It’s can be found at