New Years Eve Party and Parade in Manzanita TOMORROW

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Come celebrate New Year’s Eve with your community at the Pine Grove Community House in Manzanita tomorrow Saturday, Dec 31, starting at 7pm. This event is sponsored by Fulcrum Community Resources.

Please note that the costume workshop at Heart of Cartm has been cancelled. They are concentrating on flooding cleanup.

Festivities will include a Gratitude Jar reading, a giving tree, food, music and costume prep for a Parade to the beach and back at midnight. Bring musical instruments and noise makers to herald the New Year during the parade!

To get sparkled and dressed up for the parade, there will be a box of costumes to borrow from. Or dress up at home before you come.

DJ Life will regale us with music.

Soup and bread will be provided by Wild Grocery and Café in Manzanita. The soup will be vegan and gluten free.

Pick a treasure from the Giving Tree of unwrapped gifts. Bring an unwrapped gift to share.

All gratitude submissions from the 4th Annual North Coast Community Gratitude Jar project will be read aloud and stored in a community archive. What happens to your gratitude? It ripples out and supports community spirit. To participate, visit one of our local Gratitude Jar hosts, and write who/what you are grateful for on the provided slips of paper, and place in the jar. Or submit to our virtual jar online at through December 30th. This is free for all ages to participate. Hosts are Wild Grocery and Café and Cloud and Leaf Bookstore in Manzanita, Stockton’s Lumber and North Coast Pinball in Nehalem and Heart of Cartm in Wheeler.

!!! Come join us to ring in the New Year !!!

Bring your gratitude.
Bring your instrument/noise maker for the parade.
Bring an unwrapped gift.
Bring your community spirit and positive vibes for a New Year filled with love and peace!

Donations welcome to cover costs.