Help Kill Rats PLEASE

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I live in an RV and rat evidence has been found in the storage underneath. I sealed some holes, put out moth balls and they are frequenting less. Put out a rat zapper and the bait is gone but no fried rats.

Tonight one was inside my cabinet under my sink. All the holes were sealed prior to keep out mice and were successful so I can’t for the life of me figure out how a rat got in. There’s no evidence of him being there but the noises I heard (loud noises and it definitely was in there) and I put a ton of moth balls under there now to help keep them out…but now my whole house smells strongly and I can’t even breathe 🙁

I’ve called exterminators but they either don’t do campers or I’m too far away.

I bought rat traps but they aren’t here yet. If anyone has experience with rat killing, trapping, whatever, please help me. I have a clean home, I got rid of all of my contaminated items in storage, I am literally doing everything the internet suggestions but bait traps because I don’t want them to die in the underbelly of my RV.

Please please please suggest something to help me. It’s causing enormous stress and I work like 60 hours a week so finding time to figure this out on my own is not working :(((