Friends of North County Recreation District found more bulbs!

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Ever seen Patty’s garage? Well, if you have you will understand how this happened. While some of the Friend’s group was digging around for vases this past week, they found some tulip and daffodil bulbs hidden in banana boxes. The banana boxes are a long story, and we don’t need to get into that here.
It’s not too late to plant bulbs for the spring so let me tell you about the treasures we found.
Delnashaugh, Erlicheer, and Queen’s Day are all Double Daffodils. Delnashaugh is a double creamy white bloom enriched by fluffy peach-pink segments. Erlicheer is a sweetly scented double daffodil that bears 6-12 small white flowers on each stem. Queen’s Day is a double yellow named for the Dutch Holiday. This is a sunny, beautifully shaped flower. Price: All three are 5/$10 (Delnashaugh has 5 units left, Ericheer has 6 units left, and Queens Day has 8 units left).
Friends’ selection of what are called Uncommon Daffodils includes Pipe Major and Poeticus Recurvus. Easy on the eye, the Pipe Major has yellow petals with an orange center -blooming a little later than most daffodils. Poeticus Recurvus, which translates into Pheasant’s Eye. A stunning flower with white petals and a yellow cup ringed with red. Price: Both are 5/$10 (Poeticus Recurvus has 5 units left and Pipe Major as 12 units left).
Sailboat comes to you as a Miniature Daffodil, having 1-3 flowers per stem. It got its name from its white swept back petals. Price: 10/$10 (only 3 units left).
Thanks to many of you who purchased Paper Whites in the past couple of days we have only 12 units of those. Price is 5/$10. And we will also pot Paper Whites for you in holiday type or plain containers.
We have just a few Amaryllis left for sale. One-Double Dream Amaryllis which has reddish pink blooms with white highlights making an unusual and beautiful display. We start your Amaryllis for you using the proper medium and get them growing before we hand them off. They come with growing instructions. Warm up your world with the Horizon Amaryllis. You will think you have awakened in a tropical destination. We have three Horizon Amaryllis. These are very large amaryllis bulbs which sell for $40 planted.
All the above make great gifts. You will be so happy in the spring if you get our tulips and daffodils planted now. Thank you to all who have participated in our bulb sale this fall and we hope to see a few more of you as customers in the next few days.
Call Patty to place your order 503-368-6081. We will have your order taken to NCRD in Nehalem the next day.