Mayerle for Manzanita: The Cows are in the Barn

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I hope you woke up this morning and noticed fewer signs on our streets. I decided to take my campaign signs down, not out of lack of commitment, but out of respect. The signs have been up for two months, and I am sure they are an eyesore. They have done their work, as have I!

Another reason I took them down is that this past week, someone has been removing and discarding my signs—about 1/3 of them went missing. I’m afraid the signs will end up as litter in our forests, waterways, or our parks (which is where some of the stolen ones have shown up). I don’t believe another two days of looking at them is going to change anyone’s mind when it comes to voting for Manzanita City Council. So, as they say, “The cows are in the barn.”

If I happened to miss one of the signs and you still have one in your yard, please text or call 503-260-4105 and I will swing by to pick it up.

It’s time for the campaigning keyboards to quiet, the airwaves to calm, and the signs to be gone. It’s time to move forward, to vote, and to get to work for Manzanita.

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With Gratitude,
Brad Mayerle