Kozlowski Grateful for our Community’s support

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Grateful for our Community’s support

I have really enjoyed campaigning during this election cycle and I am grateful for our community’s support! I felt a deep engagement with so many people, and it was wonderful to connect with old friends. It was invigorating to see that so many individuals have a sincere interest in community issues and that they were willing to share their ideas and listen to mine.

I do believe, in the end, we all want the same things:

We want a community that works together to solve
problems while preserving our village culture. We want
to see our community thrive while also focusing on
sustainable growth. We want to save our trees, our
landscapes and the environment.

We want to proactively manage Short Term Rentals so
we can benefit from their revenue while still maintaining
a livable community.

We are anxious to develop ways to provide housing for
our current and future workforce.

We want to search for ways our city can supplement its
revenue sources

I would be honored and excited to serve another term as one of Manzanita’s city councilors. I am really looking forward to hearing the ideas and perspectives of the new council team and I’m anxious to share with them the benefit of my experience. I know that combination will get us off to a fast and energized start in January.

I am personally motivated by challenges, inspired by creative energy and change, and I will bring stability and initiative to the tasks we will face. I am a problem solver and I will be wholly focused on getting things done.

The following three individuals, who have personal knowledge of my strengths and abilities relative to a city council seat, have graciously written endorsements and I am honored to share them with you here.. Retired State Representative Deborah Boone speaks to my understanding of how government works; Tillamook County Commission Mary Faith Bell comments on my leadership and consensus-building abilities, and Jenna Edginton, our newest city councilor, believes that my skills and experience will galvanize the entire council team toward positive action.

Retired State Representative Boone:
I have known Linda Kozlowski for several years, mostly through the emergency preparedness sector. I also served with her on the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVCNB) board of directors and experienced first-hand the depth of her commitment to her community in Manzanita. Linda has earned the respect of the broader statewide emergency preparedness community and her experience in this sector has made her the Go-To person for elected officials along the Oregon coast. Linda understands how governments work from local to federal levels and she knows how to get things done. She was often in the committee rooms during legislative sessions helping to shepherd bills through the process and serving as an expert witness. Her ability to grasp the details of the issues of concern to Manzanita citizens make her valuable to the City Council. I can’t recommend her highly enough for this important position.

Tillamook County Commissioner Mary Faith Bell:
I enthusiastically endorse Linda Kozlowski for reelection to the Manzanita City Council. In my capacity as county commissioner, it has been my privilege to work with Linda on emergency preparedness issues, for which she is recognized statewide. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Linda’s leadership, her heart for service to the community and her ability to develop, nourish and maintain positive relationships with a wide range of people. Moreover, Linda is a dynamo, she accomplishes amazing things, and leads and inspires others to great works as well. Truly, it is accurate to say that Linda brings out the best in people, often more than they knew they were capable of. Linda’s continued leadership on the Manzanita City Council is in everyone’s best interest. Please vote for Linda Kozlowski.

Councilor Jenna Edgington:
Before I applied for the open position on City Council in August, I agreed to assist Linda with her re-election campaign. I have since attended several meetings with Linda and I continue to be impressed by her subject knowledge, professionalism, and her ability to work together as a team and compromise. With a virtually new city council and mayor I believe it is imperative that Linda Kozlowski have a seat at the table. She will enable the new Council to hit the ground running by being able to provide insight on past Council decisions and also her thorough understanding on how the City functions and the role of City Council. Linda has already been a tremendous help to me as I learn the ropes in my new role on Council.

As we approach election day, I urge you to vote for the candidates and issues that best represent your hopes and desires for our city, our county, and our state.

I hope you will choose to elect me to a city council seat and I promise that I will work hard to repay your trust and do the right things for Manzanita.