FREE Hypnotherapy 11/5 to Create a Happier You

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From Not Enough to Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Do you get in your own way?

On the one hand, you know what you want, and how to get there.

On the other hand, you feel anxious and like you are not good enough, and so, you avoid doing what you know needs to be done.

Or perhaps you say terrible things to yourself, putting yourself down about your weight, your appearance, your abilities, and more.

Whatever it is, NOW is your chance to get rid of that bad behavior, once and for all!

Meredith Richardson, certified HeartHealing™ hypnotherapy practitioner, invites you to take part in a group HeartHealing™ taster hypnotherapy session.

When: Saturday, November 5, at 2:30 pm

Where: Energy Healing Event, Old Mill RV Park, Garibaldi, OR

This taster HeartHealing® hypnotherapy session involves being put into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state. If you have epilepsy or a psychotic illness you should not take part.