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Yesterday I was watching KGW TV news. It showed some Oregonians checking out their county clerks voting program and vote counting computers. There were some concerns about the machines being connected to the internet.These citizens were assured, over and over again – no connection to the internet.

HOWEVER – Recently, in court, Oregon Secretary of State, Ellen Rosenblum admitted voting machines are hackable. Which means they have a chip in the motherboard that connects to the internet.
52% of voters say it is likely that cheating affected the 2020 election and 32% say that it is very likely that cheating affected the 2020 election. I read that sending your ballot in on the last day helps prevent a fraudulent count – so that is what I am doing.
Do I have faith in Oregon’s election system? NO. Am I voting? Yes! I am hoping for honesty and exposing the corruption in our legislature with a balance of political parties. In a Democracy – all voices must be heard.
In 2020 and 2021 approximately more than 600 pieces of legislation were passed each year – Do you have any idea what they were? Who picks the ones (only 4?) that we get to vote for?
I read that Governor Brown only puts things on the ballot that she is sure will pass. Bills 111 thru 114 are for Dummies. Gov Brown thinks you are Dummies, and will pass these Dummy bills.

Measure 111. Change the constitution so it will read that health care should be available to all Oregonians. Umm!! just ask the price because you will be paying for it in a world of high inflation, and higher taxes, and you will not get what you pay for! The Chlidrens Health Defense has an article about this – It is quite scary, because it removes freedom and choice in medical care. and former Governor Kitzhaber says Do not vote for this. It will not get Oregon where it needs to go.

I posted Gov. Kitzhaber’s opinion on Oct 30, and Children’s Health Defense Article on Oct. 31.

Measure 112 – Change Oregon constituion to remove words like slavery and involuntary servitude. Measure 112 fixes something that is not broken. In 1994, Oregonians passed an amendment that made clear that absent medical issues, all inmates had to either work or go to school. Will this be the impetus for activists to push for inmates to be paid minimum wage? How will this effect the current system? The state unfortunately says it’s “indeterminate.” So vote NO

Measure 113 says that if a legislator has too many absences they cannot run for office again – DON’T BE FOOLED BY THIS. Has there been legislators that have had too many absences?
The last couple of years Republicans have stopped the passing of certain legislation by walking out. Before Republicans walked out they asked Gov. Brown to put this legislation before the voters, so the voters could exercise their choice. She refused – Then they walked out. NO on 113

Measure 114 – Sounds good – I would vote for it but I wised up since SB110 in 2020 turned out to be a terrible mistake. Here is the catch to 114 – The police will NOT be putting on any classes on gun safety the near or late future. They are under funded and short staffed and can’t do it. So no permits will be issued.
Please Vote!